Photo Albums

These are photo albums from staff and students highlighting different pieces of Campus Outreach throughout the year.

Varken Wars ‘19 : Day 1

Before all the paintball… this happens

Photos by Reid McCandless

LP ‘19 Graduation

You learn a lot at the LP - so much so we have our own “graduation ceremony”

Photos by Reid McCandless

Past Girl’s Getaways

A look into our Women’s fall event from years past.

Varken Wars ‘19 : Day 2

The day of paintball!

Photos by Reid McCandless

New Years Conference 2018: Raleigh

A look at the NYC 2018 through a student’s lens

Photos by Ken Aliento

Girls Getaway ‘19

Women’s Fall getaway!

Photos by: Jessica Martin

Varken Wars ‘18

A look into the fall mens event of 2018: Varken Wars.

photos by Ken Aliento

LP ‘18: Grand Prix

Throughout the summer at LP there are many socials. This is a glimpse into the LP Grand Prix form LP ‘18.

photos by Jessica Martin