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What we do, is in large part, a result of what we have seen. 

We eat many of the same foods we saw our family and friends eat. 

We wear the clothes we have seen worn before us. Clothing companies only need to get a celebrity wearing their brand to ensure sales; they understand that people act largely because of what they see others do. 

I mean, in high school I got almost all of my styling tips from The Office…

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Thats not a joke… In high school I got my first pair of wide-rimmed glasses because of Ryan… It’s kind of a joke. but true.

Thats not a joke… In high school I got my first pair of wide-rimmed glasses because of Ryan… It’s kind of a joke. but true.

Even when we “discover something new or unique” it’s typically a result of observing someone else.

“Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen” - John 3:11

Jesus completely understood that seeing was the method by which people learn. It was for this reason He spent so much time with the twelve disciples, allowing them to watch him as he modeled a life of knowing the Father intimately while thinking and acting for the eternity of other people he would interact with on their travels. Seeing him witness would lead to them doing the same.

In light of this, we are embarking on a series of video projects to show you and others stories from students’ lives that have been impacted by the Gospel; students that seek to impact the lives of others while in college.

“Student Stories” is going to be a regular video series that gives us visual pictures of students involved in CO. Students that have been intentional in thinking for the eternity of their friends, classmates, and teammates.

Sometimes we will hear stories from students highlighting how they have come to know and love God personally. Other times these stories will tell of students that have stepped out in faith to simply meet and began a relationship with those who don’t know God. But all will be visual pictures of real students who are being impacted for a lifetime by the Gospel and the ministry of Campus Outreach.

We pray that these stories will encourage you and be reminders that our God is worth stepping out in faith for. He is worthy of temporary awkwardness and disgrace and that, as beloved children of the King of the universe, we can even celebrate those opportunities.

“As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard” - Acts 4:20

-Reid McCandless

Check out our first Student Story Below:

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