Send a Student to New Years Conference


Last year, Sarah, a freshman at PC came to the New Year's Conference thinking she was a Christian and hoping that attending the conference would make her look more spiritual. Little did she know that God would use one of the seminars to show her the depth of her sin and call her to himself. She describes it this way, "Never had I️ ever heard the Gospel in such a simple and biblical way, and through my staff woman, God revealed to me that being a Christian is not about being good, it’s about being broken and praising God for it. I️ wanted to be saved because I️ couldn’t believe what Christ did for me, and on that day, December 31, 2017, I️ died and let God become the King of my life. I️ now know and believe Jesus did the good that I️ could never do and died the death I️ should have died. He is my savior, and I️ owe him my life." Because of her experience, Sarah is bringing two girls with her from her team this year that desire to learn and grow!


Many of us know firsthand what an impact an event like the Campus Outreach New Year’s Conference can have on a college student. Many of us even have a story similar to Sarah’s. Would you consider partnering with us so that more students can have that experience this year?

As a region, our staff have been praying for 200 students from 7 campuses to attend this year’s conference. Many of those students are still investigating whether or not they want to place their faith in Jesus and follow Him with their life. Some of those are on the fence about attending the conference because of financial reasons. Like the friends of the paralytic in Luke 5, we want to remove every barrier possible that would keep them from experiencing Jesus, including the $255 cost of attending the conference. As the end of the year and Giving Tuesday approach us, would you consider making a gift of $50, $100, $150, or $200 to help scholarship a student to the conference? It could literally change their life forever!

If so, visit to make a one-time gift towards the cost of a student’s conference. Choose “One Time Gift” to give without creating an account and then choose “Events” and “Conference Budget” from the following drop down menus. As always, your transaction will be conducted over a secure connection and you will receive a year-end tax receipt for charitable giving reporting.

Thanks for joining with us for this New Year’s Conference in accomplishing the goal of students coming to faith in Jesus and building laborers for the world!

The Campus Outreach Greenville Staff

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CO Greenville