God Produces Growth, So Trust That

At the end of the fall semester I was asked to be the Campus Director at Clemson University. As I began to transition into this role, this question came to mind: "How much do I trust the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer in my ministry?” The reason that this is such an important question is that when it comes to ministry, my role is to be faithful to plant and water. God is the only source of growth. As I thought about this answer to my question, I realized that I didn’t lean on the Holy Spirit and prayer, but I leaned primarily on my relational skills to do ministry. My lack of prayer for the students at Clemson revealed that I was believing that my relational skills could cause growth. As a campus director, my role changes from thinking about individual students to our ministry as whole as well as my staff team. Don’t misunderstand me, strategy and planning are absolutely essential, but without the Holy Spirit students won't grow spiritually nor will a movement happen at Clemson! So yes, strategize, plan, and work very hard, but we must pray diligently. So, my prayer for the staff and myself is that we will have a heart that depends on God to change the campus. That we would seek His throne often with our burdens, wishes, desires, and vision for Clemson. I want to have a posture that when I dream about the campus, think about students spiritual growth, and think for my staff team, I sit like Mary at the feet of Jesus. I want to be like Nehemiah, that when he hears of a need, his first response was to pray to God for help. 
-Vaughn Volious
CO Greenville