New Years Conference 2015--New year, same message

You would think hearing the same thing over and over would become boring--that listening to your favorite song on repeat for a whole year would drive you crazy and possibly make you hate your life. But for some reason, there is an experience and a truth that makes you want to hear it over and over again. In a similar way, attending our New Years Conference and the hearing good news about Jesus are experiences worth having over and over again. Playing basketball and dodgeball and eating at the mall’s food court or nice restaurants in downtown Greenville opens the door to create epic memories every year. In the process of creating these memories, Jesus is at the center. To see students embrace Jesus and have a blast while doing so is awesome. The misconception is that becoming a Christian means you stop having fun, but every conference challenges that notion.  

The two main speakers were very different in the way they presented the gospel but what they unpacked had the same message, ”Jesus is Lord, and his love for you is unconditional. Apart from him there is no life.” A rather simple but yet powerful message. The formal times of teaching at the conference help set us up in the informal times to dialogue with students about what they are learning and experiencing.  All of the events and venues may change year by year, but the message of Jesus remains the same--and students continue to be changed. To see that power continue to alter lives each year is just amazing.  

-Chris Wright

CO Greenville