Worship in the 9-5


          Of our 24 person staff team, there are two of us that manage the administrative office. We work a pretty typical 9-5 schedule, probably like many of you. While Victoria and I both became Christ followers in college, we recognized with the help of close friends and mentors that our personalities, skills, and interests were more detail and task oriented. The office seemed to be the best place to contribute to God’s work through CO. That being said, we both continuously have to remind ourselves that our work in the office—where we sit behind excel spreadsheets, websites, and donor management software—is no less important or less spiritual than that of our colleagues on the campus. I would imagine that you might feel that pull as well—to see certain jobs, parenting roles, and life tasks as more or less spiritual.

            While we often get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, we fight in the following ways to remember that our work is a calling from God of stewardship and worship despite how “unspiritual” it feels at times:

-praying each morning for our campuses, other CO regions, our supporters, our work, and celebrations of God’s work
-seeking to do our work excellently, honestly, and humbly
-being involved on our campuses when possible
-working together and helping one another despite having different roles and tasks to accomplish

            We are so thankful for your sacrificial giving that allows all of our staff to work full time. But we also recognize that we all share the same calling as Christians—to go and make disciples of all nations. Whether you are a bank teller, teacher, doctor, stay at home parent, landscaper, lawyer, or custodian, your calling in your job is the same as ours: love your God and love your neighbor as yourself.

-Drew Bryan

CO Greenville