Who Am I?

According to Psalm 139, the Lord truly knows us. He is the one that "knitted me together." If the Lord is the one who made me and, consequently, the one that knows me best, then the way that I can best understand myself is by drawing closer to the him and seeking to understand and see myself through His eyes. 

The past few weeks we have been talking about the diversity of the kingdom of God and how a variety of different personalities and gift sets are beneficial in creating a dynamic and effective team.  This has direct implications for our staff teams on each college campus, but it can also be applied to so many other work environments.  If everyone were the same, then the world would be very bland. God made every single person uniquely, and yet all in His own image. There are over 7 billion people on the planet, and yet not one person is the same as another.  Think about how infinite and diverse our God must be to create so many unique creatures!  We can better understand who God is and the immense variety of his attributes through differences in our appearances, personalities, gift sets, etc. Each one of has a unique contribution to make and a unique role to play in this world based on the specific strengths and weaknesses God has given us. 

Our entire staff team took a personality test called Right Path that explains and details how God has made or "hard wired" us uniquely.  Now that I understand more of how the Lord has made me, I can find contentment and joy in the Lord and who has made me to be. There are certain things about myself that I have always wrestled and struggled with, but when I am believing the truth that God made me the way He did on purpose, I experience so much freedom and confidence in His sovereignty and goodness.  I hope and pray that we all seek to better understand ourselves through the eyes of our creator, and that both our strengths and our weaknesses will be harnessed by the Spirit so that the glory of Christ can be seen through us. 

-Logan Martin

CO Greenville