Getting lost in tasks

  Before I go to bed at night I often realize that there is more to do.  And at the end of most days I wonder if what I have spent my time doing is drawing people to Jesus or if it is just drawing people to Campus Outreach.  There are countless ways to spend my time on Clemson's campus and even more students to spend my time with.  It is easy to move throughout my day meeting with students and meeting new students without even asking God to go before me.  

       I often neglect the most powerful weapon I have at my disposal--PRAYER!!! Satan continues to try and convince me that my greatest tool is me; my personality, my people skills, my ability to relate to people. All these things are great gifts from the Lord, but none of them have the power to transform hearts and lives.  If my desire is to see students bearing much fruit and fruit that will last; then the most effective thing I can do is go before the throne of grace and plead with God for students at Clemson.  Unless God builds the house we all labor in vain. 

          Pray that the Lord would build His Church through Campus Outreach Clemson. Pray also that we would not forget where our strength  comes from.

-Brinck Bowers

CO Greenville