Jesus loves me.

It’s the most basic tenet of Christianity. Kids sing about it. We tell it to hurting people. We stick it on the backs of our cars. Out of all the things I believe, it should be the easiest, the most foundational. There have been times when I’ve written it off, thinking “Duh, Jesus loves me. Now what about predestination?” Yet somehow I always come back to it.

My time with Campus Outreach has been short so far, but if I had to pick one thing I that I’m learning, it’s that Jesus loves me. It seems simple. Sometimes it is simple. But it also changes everything. When we get it, not just in our heads but also our hearts, it changes everything. It frees us to be free.

The creator of the universe loves me. He loves me despite what I’ve done. He loved me enough to endure his father’s wrath, to be cut off from the one who loved him most. He loved me before I loved him. I couldn’t do anything to earn it (and believe me, I tried). I still can’t do anything to earn it (and I still try). When I really get this, I realize that I do not have to perform. Jesus loved me before I did a single good work, and he will love me whether or not I do another one. He loves me for me, and that is a beautiful and life-altering truth. 

I did an activity with my group of girls at Wofford where we thought of themes or ideas to claim this semester. I chose “I am loved.”  I pray that I (and you) believe it.

- Victoria Vineyard

CO Greenville