A friend of mine told me that his professor made the claim that we (ministers of the gospel) overestimate how much we can do in a few years, but underestimate what we can do over many years.

I think that statement has a lot of truth in it. I have shared my faith with hundreds of students, spent many long nights in the dorms, stayed up late praying for the men whom I have met, led countless bible studies and weekly meetings,  and had challenging conversations. Yet the fruits of my labor have not been seen to the extent I would have dreamed.

I have to admit, the lack of results has led me to ask questions such as, "What do I do with this lack of fruit? Why do I even do this? Does God really care for people? Should I just start over? Quit?" Thankfully these questions have all led me back to the truth of the gospel, but the questions remain legitimate. As a result, my methodology has changed to an extent, but at the end of the day I still do the same things.

Build relationships, share the gospel, and pray. Teach men to meditate on the Bible, live in a community of believers, and share their faith. Just as in the physical world fruit ripens seasonally, the same is true in the kingdom of God. This semester has been a season of harvest, perhaps due to the years of labor that have come before it. In the past three weeks we have seen five men and two or three girls come to faith in Christ, so join me, the rest of the staff team at WCU and all the angels in heaven as we celebrate (Luke 15:10).

-Andrew Hawkins

CO Greenville