Have you ever wanted to go camping with 100 college girls? No? Well how about camping glamorously? Or as we like to call it in Campus Outreach Greenville, Glamping! On October 3rd and 4th, 100 college women from our five campuses went to Camp Marietta in Marietta, SC. During the retreat, there were two sessions with games, talks and worship. Friday night we were treated to a hot chocolate bar and Saturday afternoon we got to participate in fun activities like zip lining and archery. 

The main theme of Glamping was “Known.” God knows each one of us intimately and therefore we can know him. The fact that God knows us and sees all of our inner filth and sin and yet still chose to send his son to earth to rescue broken people is incredible. One of the main stories in the Bible that we used to highlight this truth was the story of the Prodigal Son. God the Father welcomes in his two sons who have completely rejected him. There is no other story in the world where a god comes and saves people who are completely undeserving and doesn’t make them pay him back! But our God says that he loves us unconditionally. He calls us to confession and repentance, but he is gracious. And when we are in Christ, we get the incredible privilege of knowing God in return! The one, true God lets us know him! 

Since the retreat, I have had the opportunity of reading through some of the evaluations of the retreat, and it is such a joy to see that girls are learning about God’s love and grace. I’m praying for my own heart to be rooted in the love and grace of God. Only when I am rooted in God’s love will I be truly free to pour my life out sacrificially, without needing approval from people or needing to pursue comfort. And in God’s love and grace we find the depths of real joy. 

-Lindsay Shane

CO Greenville