Tony ministryGod blesses me, a lot; I’m basically spoiled. First of all, God chose me to be in His family when I certainly wasn’t looking for Him. I now possess all of His eternal promises, which is enough. However, I still struggle to be a good steward of God’s blessings, falling into patterns of living for myself or the moment that I’m in. God’s response is to love me anyways. At this stage of my life, He has me on staff with Campus Outreach. In just over five months on staff, I have already seen multiple students come to know the Lord, go through radical life change, and grow abundantly in their relationship with Christ. And I get to be a part of this? Someone asked me recently, “Tony, what is your dream job?” I opened my mouth to answer but nothing came out. I then hesitated, if I could do anything with my life right now, what would it be? I was stumped. I couldn’t think of anything I would rather be doing. Honestly, living in rural South Carolina isn’t ideal for me at all; it’s one of the last places I would ever choose to live. But what I’m doing here has me hooked. People are literally going from spiritual death to life right in front of me. People are finding endless joy in Christ right in front of my eyes. So often I have had plans for how I want to help a specific student know more of Christ and the steps that I want them to take to get there, but before I can help them take those steps, the student comes to me and enthusiastically tells me about what they are doing to know more of Christ in much bigger and bolder ways than I had dreamed! I didn’t encourage them to take those steps, my God compelled them.

I’m in a small town, seeing small numbers of students impacted by what the Lord is doing, yet there is nothing bigger happening in the world than people experiencing more of Jesus Christ. And God has chosen to put me in a place where I get be a part of it. I didn’t do anything to deserve this at all. I haven’t lived up to any of God’s standards. I don’t have any accolades that are worthy in God’s Kingdom. I don’t have any right to be here, yet here I am. My God likes to spoil me.

- Tony Ronco

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