Building Lifelong Laborers

Matt Sizemore, a senior from Richmond, VA, came to faith in college through God’s working in the ministry of Campus Outreach. This past semester Matt and I have been growing together in our love for the Lord and our desire to share our lives and the gospel with his friends on campus. To give a more intimate perspective of how God has transformed Matt’s life in college, I sat down with him recently and asked him a few questions. ~ Paul Klein


Looking back on your time at Presbyterian College, what is one significant thing that God has shown you through the ministry of Campus Outreach? Seeing the value of relationships has been huge, especially in fighting sin by being vulnerable with other people. Whether through accountability or just talking out issues with other believers, I am learning that my identity is not in what I struggle with but in who Jesus is, as my friends point me to the gospel!

How is God currently transforming your view of the gospel? I have a hard time with wanting to look to myself to determine my stance before God. But God continues to affirm me that my stance before Him is not based on my works—-the good or bad that I have done—-but on the perfect life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. God is teaching me that the gospel is about looking at Jesus and his faithfulness to perfectly obey God’s will in dying for us. It is when we look to Jesus that we are actually transformed more into his image, rather than when we try to change ourselves.

You are about to graduate in a few months. How will your future look differently because of how God has transformed your life at PC through Campus Outreach? In preparing to leave school, I am learning the value of what I will do with my next few years, and just how important these upcoming years are going to be. I want to put myself in a position to be around other people who will challenge me to grow in my love for Jesus. So I will be moving back to Richmond and getting plugged into a church in order to live out the mission of the gospel!

Our goal at Campus Outreach is more than just seeing converts won for Jesus. Our mission is to see God glorified through the building up and sending out of disciples of Jesus Christ into the world so that more and more might be won for name of Jesus. It brings me so much joy to know that when Matt graduates, he will not just be leaving behind “fond” memories of his involvement in our ministry, but God will continue to work in his heart to make him into a Lifelong Laborer for the gospel!

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