New Life in Christ

I have had the joy of getting to know Bekah this semester. She became a Christian in September, and I wanted to share with you the way Jesus is radically changing her life. Bekah is a junior Biology Major and Sociology Minor at Wofford College, and she is on the Volleyball team.~ Emilie Land

Bekah and EmilieWhat did you put your hope in before you became a Christian?

My hope was in the future that I saw for myself. I envisioned a husband with kids and a career that I loved, and I put my hope in those things. Relationships with boys have always been a priority in my life and I can’t remember the last time I was single. I thought that finding the perfect guy and then having kids and a career that I loved was true life and what life was really about.

What did your life look like before you became a Christian?

Coming into Wofford, I considered myself a moral person and would have called myself a Christian. I didn’t see anything wrong with having fun (and by having fun I mean partying). I thought if I wasn’t hurting anyone, then I wasn’t in the wrong. I started dating one of my best guy friends the second semester of my freshman year. During the fall semester of my sophomore year, he became a Christian. As he began to talk more about his relationship with God, I began to question my own view of the Lord. I began to realize that I didn’t really have a relationship with God. We began to change our relationship and to strive for purity in our interactions with each other. I thought this was the best time of my life! I had the man of my dreams, I was making good grades, my teachers loved me, I started on the volleyball team, and everything seemed to be falling into place. I thought that the changes we made in our relationship were to make God proud and to make us better Christians. Growing up, I sought to perform my best in sports, academics, and friendships. I can see now that I was trying to perform in my relationship with God. I was not seeking purity in my relationship with my boyfriend out of a love for Jesus; rather, I made changes in my relationship in order to gain approval from God.

What did your life look like after you became a Christian?

In September, my boyfriend broke up with me, and I felt like my legs were cut out from under me. The next day, I sought counsel from some Christian friends. They encouraged me to dive into God’s Word and to put everything I have into drawing closer to God. They gave me books, scripture, sermons, etc. One book specifically, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, made me realize how much God loves me. After reading the book, I felt like my eyes and my heart were being completely changed. I felt as if the Lord was wrapping his arms around me as I was crying myself to sleep. I put so much hope in a future with my boyfriend, and it was hard for me to lose our relationship. However, through that time of hardship, I felt so loved by God and I am so thankful that He took my relationship away to call me to Himself.

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