Growing in Christ

brittanyBrittany is a senior early education major at Presbyterian College, who also went to San Diego on the Urban Project last summer. We have developed a valuable friendship over the last three years, as I have led her in Bible studies and discipleship groups. I have seen the Lord do so much in her life, as He has been developing and confirming her passion to love and care for people deeply.~Jessi Scott

Here is a picture of what the Lord has been doing in her heart and life:

What are some of the most life-changing things you have learned over the last three years?

I've learned what daily life is like following the Lord. I've learned the disciplines of life as a Christian and the motives behind those disciplines. I grew up going to church, so it was eye-opening to be able to see the reasons that Christians do the things they do. I have grown in understanding that there's nothing that I can do to earn my salvation and realizing that I owe everything to Jesus. I'm nothing without Him, and everything is for Him, from Him, by him, through Him, to Him, and about Him.

bible studyHow has your view of ministry developed?

I actually enjoy ministry and growing in that area now. I feel like I'm in a place where talking about ministry challenges me in a healthy and "attainable" way because I've seen the Lord do huge things through our prayers this summer. Rather than being turned off by the idea of evangelism, I'm open to sharing my faith. While it's not easy, I'm willing to take small steps to grow in that area of being a disciple.

As you are beginning to make plans for life after graduation, what factors have been influencing your decision-making?

As a result of several training talks at the Urban Project this summer, I've realized that there are certain things that I want in my life next year. I want to be part of a like-minded Christian community, involved in a church, in relationships with older believers, and serving by using my organizational skills and my love for children. I feel freedom, knowing that what I do right when I get out of college doesn't have to be what I do for the rest of my life, and that this is the time for me to explore how God can use my gifts and talents best for His Kingdom.

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