Student testimonies from the summer

Here's what three students had to say about their experiences and spiritual growth at our summer projects...

Lindsay, Presbyterian College

"Before the Urban Project, I was living a lukewarm faith; I was kind of ashamed of my faith, didn’t really want to step out too boldly, and didn’t want people to perceive me as a Jesus freak. I knew going on the UP would be a challenge for me and I knew it was an environment that would be super conducive to growth, so I went knowing that I needed something radical to change my lifestyle. That’s what I was praying leading up to it – that the Lord would change my life in a radical way.

"The main thing that hit home over and over for me was that I am nothing without the Lord. Literally everything good I have ever done in my entire life is because the Lord did it through me. Without the Lord I can’t do anything to please Him. This was a radical thought for me, because I was living for myself. Through doing ministry, I learned that it’s not about me and how I can share my faith but how the Lord uses me specifically and my gifts, my passions, my personality, to advance His Kingdom however he chooses. There’s so much freedom in that. I have a much stronger rooted faith now knowing that I need to rely on the Lord, not myself."

Grayson, Clemson University

"My favorite part about the Leadership Project was the community of my room. My group leader showed us that discipleship is walking alongside someone towards the ultimate goal of loving Christ more. There’s no arrogance involved, no pride involved—you actually have to be really humble and recognize your inadequacy to be a leader. My room showed me a good example of what community should be like in the church and in the body of Christ overall. It compels me to go back to my campus and my family and my home church and seek to build this kind of community. Not that I can rebuild LP but that I can take the love and joy and fellowship that I have had here and use it in my walk with the Lord. It has been a place of exponential growth."

Shelby, Wofford College

"This summer I lived in a motel room with 5 other girls, and through that I learned how important community is, how important it is to be poured into by other people, especially someone wiser and more mature in their faith. We were able to process things together, like the Scripture we’re going through, and see what the Lord was showing different people through the same verses. What’s been different about my friendships here is that these friendships were founded and centered on Christ. And that’s something that you don’t normally get in relationships. That is a foundational thing, so regardless of situations, regardless of moving different places or not being around each other, that’s still our foundation, that’s still what our friendship is based on."

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