Athlete Development Program

The Athlete Development Program (ADP) is a part of the Leadership Project that is specifically designed for collegiate athletes. Athletes will work 20-25 hours per week and also spend 2 hours a day working out. They are challenged not only in the weight rooms and in their workouts, but as a group, they also engage on the issues of being a Christian athlete in college today. A professional athletic trainer and a team of experienced CO staff and students lead this program.


  • Because we believe that desire and passion are an integral part of being both an athlete and a Christian, we want to help generate a passion for God and a desire to play as unto the Lord.

  • Training is our most acute influence; it is the fuel that takes the spark and causes a flame. We believe in an integrated approach to training where the spiritual and the physical work together.

  • Finally, we hope that ADP will set our athletes on fire with a passion for God, extending to their teams and campuses.


  • Athletes are paired up in rooms in order to provide a level of shared experience and accountability.

  • Leadership comes from both a staff and student leader.

  • Athletes work a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 25 hours a week, training for at least 2 hours every day. There is an emphasis on support raising, in order to offset their limited work hours.

  • Athletes are required to provide their summer workouts to the designated leadership to be the guide for their summer workouts.

  • Being an athlete will only be part of their summer identity. They are still responsible for being part of the flow of the project by influencing and being influenced by other non-athletes on the project.

  • Each athlete does a bi-weekly evaluation to track their progress and set the course for the upcoming weeks.